Aryan Defense League

to excel, create and destroy

An Aryan Protectionist Initiative

mission statement and principles

I . The Aryan Defense League is a protectionist movement dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the racial identity and culture of Aryan-Nordic-Caucasian peoples around the world, but especially in their european homelands. its partisans include the Italic, iberic, hellenic, and celtic racial families, its reach extends eastward to iranians and other non-semitic peoples of asia minor, westward to the euro-American populations of the Americas, to the southern hemisphere, Australia, new zealand, and south africa. thus it is global in outreach but self-defined and operationally based in europe.

ii. in the purview of the ADL there is but one human species consisting of various races or breeds, or ethnicities. Preservation of genuine racial variety and peaceful, boundaried coexistence of different ethnic breeds is the highest goal of the league. to that end, it invites a mutual commitment to take the offensive against racist supremacy in all its forms, especially the jewish-marxist agenda and talmudic zionism which openly target the white peoples for extermination. Defense against the genocidal programs of the zaddikite “chosen ones” is the top priority of this initiative.

III. For its second, equally important goal, the adl seeks to identify, promote, and celebrate the excellence of all ethnic strains of the human race, the anthropine species. it models and encourages the aryan standard of excellence — ARETE — in all fields of endeavor, in the arts, the sciences, engineering, medicine, education, and ecology. To this end, the league fosters and propagates an aretic approach to human potential and social synergy, an emphasis on the best and brightest. the moral standard of the aretist is based on reverence for the life-force and triumph over the insidious persuasions of suffering, inferiority, and victimhood. morally and creatively, the aretist demonstrates respect for beauty, synergy, play, innovation, freedom, and right desire.

IV. The ADL is not aligned to any religion, and stands firm against all religious and pseudo-religious platforms, including new age spirituality. it rejects special pleading and moral exemptions for any creed, and frontally opposes religious indoctrination of children and adults. It condemns and opposes all variations of theocracy such as islam, catholicism, and Judaism, as well as the messianism of christianity and the patriarchal sexist tyrannies of greek orthodoxy, hinduism, buddhism, confucianism, and their spin-offs and denominations. it does not tolerate religious views that deny and destroy freedom and sovereignty in the individual, community, or nation.

v. The adl is the political wing of the global community of sophianic animism, the most persecuted minority in the world. it asserts that the sophianic way of life is not a religion as such: rather, it is the resurgence of the indigenous wisdom (sophia) of humanity in recognition of the bond of the anthropine species to the living earth, the aeonic mother of gnosticism. Alignment with Sophianic animism is optional and elective, based purely on individual disposition. the adl allows that each individual comes to the sacred act of power-sharing with the living earth in his and her own way, or not at all. Nevertheless, Sophianic animism provides the unity and coherent framework for all who do engage that bond. It is an existential humanism of free conscience, grounded in the natural and supernatural powers of the mother planet. It is totally devoid of hierarchy, dogma, doctrine, and institutional structure.

VI. consistent with sophianic animism, The adl condemns and opposes all variants of new age spirituality that propagate specious notions of transcendence, “ascended masters”, self-deification, off-planet salvationism, satanic occultism and anti-satanic fanaticism, ufo cults, thelemic magic, theosophy, cabalism, steinerism, metaphysical systems, guru worship, secret teachings, graded initiations, etc

VII. The adl is closely aligned in policy and purpose with its emergent sister organization, p.a.n.i.c., the paneuropan alliance of native indigenous cultures.

VIII. The adl supports historical revision in the areas where history has been scripted by the so-called victors into lying narratives, which falsely demonize the white races. it asserts that evil has no color. particular individuals of every race have led its members to perpetrate social evils. The adl does not excuse or absolve any human breed from responsibility to face and overcome social evil.

IX. the para-military wing of the aryan defense league is the kalika war party.


the adl takes for its emblem the most powerful symbol in the world: the indo-european gammadion or four-armed cross. historical evidence shows the existence of this symbol in the harrapan civilization of the indus valley and many other places around the world, as far distant as polynesia. Today, millenia after it was conceived, this symbol invokes and provokes emotion with an incomparable force attesting to a deathless and eternal connection with the divine ground of all that exists.

The sanskrit word svatantriya means “sovereignty, self-determination,” the attributes of humanity oriented to its divine source locally in the earth, and cosmically at the galactic center. the gammadion resembles a stylized image of the four-armed spiral galaxy we inhabit.

Swastika means “auspicious,” and conventionally denoted good luck among indic peoples in ancient times.

The nasdap (nationalist socialist german worker’s party) adopted the gammadion and adapted it to reflect two ideas: racial purity (white circle) and opposition to judaeo-bolshivic communism (red background). thus, it appears on their flag in a white circle on a red background.

the icon for the adl is a conversion of the national socialist party swastika. Changing the w to V, and adding a different suffix, the word swastika converts to svatantriya. The symbol with arms reversed, pointing counterclockwise, stands in a black circle on a white background. In the NASDAP version, red stands for frontal opposition to globalist cabal communism, the battle led by the heroic people of germany in world war ii.

the gold dot in the center of the svatantriya emblem represents the anthropos, the “golden child” or immortal core of the human species. the golden background of the ADL flag repeats this motif and stresses the solidarity of racial integrity in recognition of the excellence of the Aryan idea, diversely expressed. the red border signifies the boundary of blood and nation which alone preserves that integrity and insures its future. This boundary is like a fortress wall that protects the higher potential of the species from genocidal immigration, forced race-mixing, multiculturalism, and all other evil schemes of parasitical intra-species predators and their proxies.

jll :: November 2015

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